Soup Swap 2016

After a brief disappearance last year, I decided I couldn’t let another year pass without soup swap.  I think this was the fourth one I’ve hosted in California, and the fifth overall (including my Chicago one.) Or was this my third Californian swap? I can’t keep track. Previously I’d attended two or three that my friend Renee held in Albany. And frankly, it’s an event I look forward to every year. I just felt overwhelmed last year, but I decided I needed to bring it back for 2016.

(Fortunately, it appears that someone else did keep the Soup Swap vibe alive in Santa Cruz in 2015.)

There was a pretty good turnout. I think Jon and Jules have now been to every California Soup Swap I’ve had (including the first one in 2012.) I stupidly forgot to photograph 2013 and 2014.

This year’s soups included:

  • “More butter than nut” butternut squash
  • Borscht
  • Curried lentil
  • Potato leek
  • Red pepper-coconut
  • Cheesy broccoli
  • Tomato and cheese
  • Syrian-style red lentil (my contribution)
  • Chicken tortilla
  • Moroccan-style chicken
Roasted red pepper soup “shooters” garnished with cilantro and greek yogurt
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  1. I had no idea there was a soup swap in Santa Cruz! I’m a 45 minute (if there are no traffic jams) drive away and will dig into the links you have shared. Who knows, maybe we can meet up then?

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