Thanksgiving and Fakesgiving

I completely forgot to post for Thanksgiving this year.

It’s funny – when I started this blog, gluten-free was still not that well-known. And now it’s seeming to be everywhere. Maybe that’s part of why my posting has fallen to the wayside. Lately, it just doesn’t seem as necessary.

Anyways, this year I celebrated Thanksgiving with my roommate and his family. His sister hosted, and she was sweet enough to make a GF pumpkin pie and cornbread stuffing for me. I brought what has quickly become my new favorite quinoa pilaf – one that combines the hearty grain with pomegranate arils, butternut squash and pistachios.

I brought the same pilaf to a friend’s Fakesgiving party held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The full “Fakesgiving” spread

My gluten-free and autumnal-inspired cheese plate, which included homemade persimmon chutney, pickled cranberries and pumpkin preserves.

GF cornbread stuffing


Persimmons from neighbors!


Post-Thanksgiving turkey soup a-simmering