Pumpkin-flavored hard cider from Ace

It might not feel like it to me here in Santa Cruz, California, but autumn is upon us.

Autumn is probably the only thing I truly miss about the east coast. I miss the visits to apple orchards, drinking hot cider, pumpkin patches, cider donuts (OK, those don’t do much for me anymore) and all of that other fun stuff I associated with an east coast fall.

Still, though it’s quite warm and sunny here, that doesn’t mean northern California is immune to the proliferation of pumpkin-flavored food stuffs that tends to be something an arbiter of fall. Today I passed an advertisement for pumpkin bagels with a “shmear” of pumpkin cream cheese. That might have been one of the few times I didn’t feel too bummed about the lack of gluten in my life — a pumpkin bagel sounds gross to me.

I digress.

Pumpkin beers are one of the pumpkin-flavored items I seem to see the most of. So when I spotted the pumpkin hard cider from Ace Ciders at Whole Foods, I was intrigued. Ace is based not too far from here in Sebastopol, and while their ciders aren’t my absolute favorites, I’ve really enjoyed the pear variety in the past.

So I bought a six-pack. And drank it. But I’m still undecided. At first it seemed a little too candy-sweet for my liking, and perhaps a bit too much allspice flavor. By the second one though, I was digging it. I don’t normally feel so “meh” about things but this seems to be one. I just can’t decide if I like it or not. I kind of wanted a little more overt pumpkin flavor and not just the allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg flavors. I’m probably going to need to try it again to really make up my mind. I suppose there are worse realities.

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