Del Posto offers full gluten-free options

New York City friends –

This is awesome.

Serious Eats is reporting that Manhattan’s Del Posto restaurant claims to have perfected their gluten-free pastas.

The restaurant now offers all of their dishes in a gluten-free version. Even better, the Serious Eats guys are pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

I’m especially intrigued by the luna piena with castelmagno and white truffle butter, described as:

“The dish is sort of a free-form raviolo, really, with a thin, thin layer of mild, creamy Castelmagno cheese sandwiched between two full-moons of pasta coated with a truffle butter emulsion, and insanely delicious (It had better be, for the $20 supplement on top of the fixed price menu).

I plowed into mine, lost in the aroma of truffles, feeling the slight bite of the pasta between my teeth, and noting the way the sauce clung to its microscopically pitted surface.”

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