should you go gluten-free?

I’ve complained before how the apparent trendiness of gluten-free diets drives me crazy. I appreciate the fact that it seems to have helped increase awareness and availability of gluten-free food. I don’t, however, like that it seems to have had a negative affect on perception. I’m concerned that many people will now take someone’s gluten-free less diet because they will think it’s just a stupid fad or something.

Sure enough, the gluten-free backlash is here.

Slate has a piece about why going gluten-free isn’t good for everyone as does Scientific American, which states more decisively that most people shouldn’t eat gluten-free. To be fair though, that latter piece was reprinted on FoxNews as well and it’s attributed to the dubious-sounding MyHealthNetwork.

Honestly, I don’t think everyone should go gluten-free. I do think people should cut back on their white flour and sugar intake, which is what I think a lot of people who go gluten-free for diet purposes don’t seem to quite get. It’s not the gluten that’s making you fat (usually, obviously we celiacs can contest that) – it’s the doughnuts, the crullers, the massive deli rolls and all that.

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