Road trippin’: The tiny town of Brookings, Ore.

While en route from Santa Cruz to Portland, we stopped for a night just over the Oregon border in a small town called Brookings, population roughly 6,000.

The room we reserved through AirBnB had a beautiful view of the coast and a hot tub overlooking said coast.

Brookings does not have a lot in it. We picked up some wine at the local outlet of the Fred Meyer grocery chain, which is a grocery store that also sells electronics, clothing and housewares, in addition to having it’s own jewelry store-within-a grocery store called, appropriately, Fred Meyer Jewelers. There is something oddly appealing about the idea of being able to simultaneously purchase a television, a diamond tennis bracelet, a bottle of wine and a package of bacon. I think. It’s kind of weird to me actually. Oh, there’s also a location of the chain “Ray’s Food Place,” which for some reason I think is the funniest name for a grocery store. I appreciate the lack of euphemism or excess wording. It’s concise and straightforward. I can appreciate that.

I digress. It was recommended we try the “nice” restaurant in Brookings, which is also a vodka distilling company. And what pray tell is the name of this establishment? Super Fly!

As you might imagine, many Curtis Mayfield jokes were made while dining there, much to the chagrin of my dining compatriot.

Super Fly appears to have once been a pizzeria that is now trying to be a chichi cocktail lounge and restaurant with a bit of nightclub-esque blue lighting thrown in for good measure. It appears to be something of a “meet market.” Jokes aside though, the food wasn’t bad and everything was very affordable. I was amazed by the low price of $6 “martinis,” though if we are being accurate, none of the drinks on that list could really be classified as a martini. Instead, they were mainly an array of various bright-colored or chocolate-y drinks with sugared rims made using the restaurant’s own potato vodka (also called Super Fly.) I rarely drink vodka and I never drink most cocktails ending in “tini” but not starting with “mar,” but….when in Rome? Er, that is, when in Brookings, you do as they do, I suppose. I got the day’s special, a blood orangetini. Once I wiped off all the sugar on the rim, the drink wasn’t bad though I remembered how dangerous those sweet vodka drinks can be. I switched to a dirty vodka martini for round two.

The food was simple but not bad and quite affordable. I had a pork loin that came with a green salad and fries for $10. I cheated a little and ate the fries without asking about the fryer contamination issue. It wasn’t a good idea. Still, Super Fly was pretty decent.

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