Road trippin’: Gluten-free sandwiches at Ukiah Brewing Company

Despite “losing” my job, bk and I decided we’d still go on our previously planned vacation, though we scaled it back. Instead of our intended plans to go to to Portland, Vancouver and Seattle, we chose to drive up the California-Oregon coast and stay in PDX for a few days. I personally do not like driving very much but the boy really wanted to see the coast so, away we went.

On our way, we stopped in Ukiah for some lunch, where I found the Ukiah Brewing Company. UBC touts itself as being “America’s first organic brewpub.” In addition to, you know, beer, they have a cider on draft and more importantly, GLUTEN-FREE BREAD.

Yes, that’s a damn good Reuben! With homemade ‘kraut and corned beef! Hallelujah!

From there it was on through the redwoods we went. The small towns that Highway 101 passes through are a bit fascinating to me. There were more little shops selling “burl” and carved wooden bears and dragons than I have ever seen before. Who exactly is buying all these items?!

There were also several herds of elk and a number of places where you could pull off and look at them. Obviously I wanted to do this.


I also insisted upon stopping to see the giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Crescent City, California, obviously.


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