Charlie Hong Kong in Santa Cruz: Healthy fast food in a funky environment

Going through a bunch of photographs in my iPhoto file has reminded me it’s been awhile since I last ate at Charlie Hong Kong. For awhile, CHK was a staple in our household on those nights when we both worked late and were too beat to cook. CHK calls itself health Asian street food. I’m not so sure how authentic it is, but it’s tasty and pretty healthy, not to mention affordable. The menu is largely gluten-free, more importantly. I’m a fan of the rice bowls myself.

There is one caveat about the GF menu, however. There are certain menu items that can be made with regular noodles or rice noodles. If you want it made with rice noodles, specify that you want it gluten-free so they will use a new pot to boil the noodles. There was one time I forgot to do so and I’m fairly certain they used the same gluten-containing pot – I definitely was feeling pretty “glutened” after that. I’m not positive that was the problem, but I think it was. They have a little note about it on their menu that says they use separate pots, but I think sometimes it’s worth reminding whoever is working the counter.

So far my favorite dishes are the rice bowls topped with green curry chicken or tofu, or the chang mai noodles, which comes with a plentiful mix of delicious veggies such as chard, broccoli and mustard greens.

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2 Responses to Charlie Hong Kong in Santa Cruz: Healthy fast food in a funky environment

  1. Surfmama says:

    Lst time I ate there it was so awful, runny white sauce that was cold and had no flavor. , vegies were limp and turning brown.To top it off my car was keyed by a local gang of young thugs. and I could never afford to have it fixed. Never went back, never will.

  2. ashley says:

    watch out for CHK!! several of my friends have gotten food poisoning from there. Even though it’s quick, cheap, vegan friendly and mostly delicious– I don’t trust the hygiene and won’t risk it!

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