Getting ready for Soup Swap 2k13

In a couple of weeks, it will be Soup Swap 2k13, much to my great excitement.

This year will be the third one I have hosted and either the fifth or sixth I’ve attended. When I lived in Chicago, my friend Clarisa and I joined forces and held a swap in my studio apartment. 

Last year was my first California soup swap, and we had only been here a few months. As such, we didn’t know many folks at all. I never wrote it up properly but it wound up being a quite nice, if intimate, affair.

The soup swap gave me an excuse to reach out to Les and John of Blame it on the Food, and I’m so glad I did. They are wonderful people and I feel fortunate to meet them. Soup swaps are great for bringing people together.

I forgot to write about last year’s event but to get myself pumped for this year, let me try to recall.

Les and John brought a  tasty lemon lentil soup with spinach.

I made a sweet potato -coconut soup

Jon and Julie made three containers of corn chowder and three of a GF minestrone. They’re graphic designers, and I loved the labels they made, as shown above.

Matt P. made, well, um, I can’t quite remember. Something with beef. (ADDENDUM: My better half, who perhaps has a better memory for what he consumes than I, points out that Matt made some sort of smoky barbecue chicken soup.)

Megan made a low-fat creamy mushroom.

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  1. bk says:

    Matt made a smoked chicken soup that was very tasty.

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  3. fifa coins says:

    i like this site a lot!

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