Thought Catalog on gluten-free

My friend Hannah posted a link to this amusing little essay from Thought Catalog, titled “Five Signs Your Gluten Allergy is Fake.” It’s far from perfect, but the essence of it is spot on in my book.

This is my favorite part:

 ”It’s not Kaballah, it’s a food allergy. Are you into reiki, homeopathy, or the healing power of crystals, magnets or Head of the Class reruns? You might be a phony celiac. And thanks for casting this whole web of doubt and illegitimacy over going gluten-free, we sickies really appreciate it. I love seeing that look in a waiter’s eye when he decides “is this a hipster crackpot, or someone who actually can’t eat flour?” Really, thanks.”

*Yes, I know celiac isn’t technically an allergy, but I can relate to the author on that point. I find it far easier to explain it to people as an allergy than to get into all of the nitty-gritty details about it being an autoimmune disorder.

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