Gluten-free find of 2012: Omission beer

I was beyond thrilled when I discovered Estrella Damm Daura from Spain, a gluten-free beer that’s brewed just like regular beer but then somehow the gluten is removed. After discovering this, it was pretty hard to return to the sorghum-based brews.

When I heard that Widmer Bros. in Portland was going to be producing their own GF beer that is also brewed with malt, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. So far I’ve only been able to find Omission locally at Whole Foods, but you can trust that the first time I saw it, I did a little dance in the aisle. I drank these all summer, and picked up a six-pack at Oliver’s when I was home in Albany.

Personally I prefer the lager to the IPA, but both are good. I’m just so happy to finally be able to drink a beer that actually tastes like a real beer. I’ve let some friends who aren’t gluten-free try these and they are always happily surprised. It’s also made a good impression on some of the beer reviewers out there, as well as foodie sites.

Technically, the U.S. -outside Oregon – won’t let them officially call it gluten-free, which is the same as the rules regarding EDD. However,  on its website, the company maintains a substantive explanation of how they remove the gluten and how they test each batch for gluten. I’m quite impressed.

Apparently I’m not alone in my opinion. Omission was selected as the best GF beer at the recent International Beer and Cider Competition in Rhode Island.


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  1. Brady Walen says:

    Hey Jess, thanks for the awesome feedback about Omission beer — glad to hear that Omission Lager is your gluten-free find of the year! While we currently offer Omission Lager and Omission Pale Ale, we are exploring other styles — including an IPA — with the goal of offering more great-tasting craft beer options for everyone of legal drinking age. When you have a chance, please consider sharing your Omission story at:

    Brady Walen
    Omission Beer

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