A very wet Christmas: wine and weather watching at Vino Prima

We don’t get snow here in Santa Cruz during the winter, but we do get rain. And lately, we’ve been getting a whole lot of it. For most of the past weekend, the rain poured down, turning our driveway into a lake and pushing the San Lorenzo River over its banks. The rain stopped long enough Saturday for me to finish my Christmas shopping but yesterday the clouds just didn’t let up.

Despite the pouring rain, I decided I needed to get out for a bit. BK and I wanted to pick up a pair of Dungeness crabs from Stagnaro Bros. and for some reason, I thought it’d be nice to take advantage of “Sparkling Weekends” at Vino Prima while we were on the Wharf.

Vino Prima is a little wine bar and tasting room right on the wharf. It’s quite cute actually, and if it was downtown, I’d probably go there a lot more. On Saturdays and Sundays, they do $4 mimosas, which they also offer in pomegranate, mango and cranberry versions. The purist in me feels that only the traditional orange juice and bubbly should truly be called a mimosa, but I’ll let it slide.

To me, the best part of Vino Prima is the large picture window that gives you a full view of the water. Though it was a bit chilly inside, even with the electric fireplace, (our clothes were soaked through,) it was quite nice to sit on the couch sipping wine and watching the storm at sea. On a day like yesterday though, I might have preferred an Irish coffee…

Stormy weather…



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