The Haute Enchilada: tasty, gluten-free friendly food in Moss Landing

After a rather harrowing kayaking experience at the Elkhorn Slough a few weeks ago, our group was completely famished.  Jenny suggested the Haute Enchilada since we were already in Moss Landing. This place is awesome! the menu is inventive, using local and organic products to create delicious twists on traditional Mexican food with a full-on California flair.

Brussels sprout salad with parm, bacon, arugula, walnut oil, toasted walnuts.
A special Mexican hot chocolate that includes tequila.
Braised baby octopus with roasted fingerling potatoes and green olives


Not pictured:

Crab & Huitlacoche Enchiladas

Two Dungeness crab and Huitlacoche (Black corn truffle) enchiladas topped with a citrus cilantro cream sauce, black beans and Spanish rice or quinoa



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