Santa Cruz Alcohol Appreciation #3: Tequila

Salmon, fresh from the harbor

While I was back east, bk decided he’d be lonely and needed to have a party. So he decided to have another chapter of AA. However, without me to organize all the details, he failed to properly document the tasting in the way I’d have liked. So there’s no listing of the tequilas that were brought nor were there any tasting notes. What I do know is that, perhaps unsurprisingly, things got a bit weird.

A lot of people seem to think tequila makes them crazy, and interestingly enough, the Atlantic has recently published a story exploring this topic. Researchers say there’s no science behind it, but drinkers often still attest to tequila’s crazy-making qualities.

I’m afraid the only content I have to offer from this version is photographs, but hey, they practically are foodporno, so at least it’s something. BK bought a giant salmon from the harbor, stuffed it with lemon and cilantro, tied it off and put it on the grill. Sweet jesus, does she look good. I cannot personally attest, but rumor has it that it was so good, there was nothing left but tiny bones.

BK is training for a marathon to support cancer research.


Santa Cruz AA does Chardonnay

Santa Cruz AA does gin

Albany AA does gin

Albany AA does IPAs

Albany AA does bourbon and scotch

Eds note: There have been other AA’s but these are the only ones we’ve documented.

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