Grazin’ – a new kind of diner in Hudson, N.Y.

Imagine this plate without the burger and you’ll see what my fries looked like.

I’ve been back on the west coast for more than a week now but I still feel like I have a ton of catching up to do. I suppose it doesn’t help that I immediately came back to a very busy work week. I wanted to do a bunch of blogging this morning but I had an optometrist appointment at which they dilated my eyes and I’ve been fumbling around like a Magoo all morning instead of being productive. C’est la vie.

While I was back in New York, I went down to Hudson to visit some friends who work at the spankin’ Etsy offices there and to visit my dear friend Amy and see her new store.

I sampled some of the Etsy crew’s lunch that day, which was catered by the Chai Shop run by Lillie K. Yum.

When I met up with Amy, I was still a bit hungry and she’d not had lunch yet so we decided to go to Grazin’.  Grazin’ is a diner/burger joint but with a twist — all the meat comes from a local farm and is grass-fed/organic. All eggs are farm-fresh, pasture-raised and local, and almost all of the other ingredients are locally sourced/organic. This is not a place where you’ll get a cheap Sysco patty on a white-bread bun with frozen fries. In fact, most of the ingredients come from the proprietor’s own farm, which is so cool.

Amy had a burger and I just got a plate of fries, which I forgot to take a photo of. They were hand-cut and delicious, and served with tiny jars of ketchup and what was probably the best homemade mayo I’ve ever had. I also had a glass of a good organic white wine that I’ve now forgotten the name of. I love old-school diners from an aesthetic perspective but not always from a culinary one, and Grazin’ manages to combine both. I hope this place succeeds. If you’re local, check it out.

If you are in Hudson, you must also go check out my friend Amy’s latest venture, an art supply store called Sketch.

Be sure to say hi to the store mascot, a rescued sparrow named Chirp Chirp that Amy’s rehabilitating.

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