Catching up with friends, wine and gluten-free pizza at Albany’s the Point

It’s now been more than two weeks since I left Albany to return home to Santa Cruz. I think I’m still in withdrawal. It’s hard to really fathom how much you miss certain people until you are with them and then suddenly aren’t again. Nearly the entirety of this country separates me from so many of the people I love the most, and that’s still really hard for me to get used to. It’s even harder to get used to the fact that I’ve now lived in California for a year.

I’m still adjusting in so many ways. California, specifically Santa Cruz, isn’t a place where I just immediately felt at home. It took me awhile to get used to Chicago but once I did, I fell head over heels in love….and yet, I lived there for a shorter period of time than I have Santa Cruz. The romance has yet to be fully kindled though. Maybe Santa Cruz is more like a marriage based on mutual need, but that eventually turns into something deeper than that. I don’t know. I just feel like I am continually waiting for all the pieces to finally come together and I want some semblance of an idea of how long that will take. BK seems to have found his stride much more easily here, while I’m still swimming against a current, trying to find a good rock to cling on to.

But this isn’t meant to be about Santa Cruz, per se. It’s meant to be a snapshot of a great night spent with friends and family in a neighborhood bar/restaurant.

The Point is conveniently located just a couple of blocks from my mom and stepfather’s house, so when I needed a place where I could say to friends/family “here’s where I’ll be Tuesday — come hang out!”, it seemed like a good choice. Their cocktails are decent and the food is too, not to mention not overly pricey. I also love that they have a good handle on gluten-free. All pizzas can be made with GF dough and you can request GF crackers to eat with the complimentary tapenade they provide, in lieu of toast points or whatever it is the gluten-eaters get.

I opted for the Mediterranean chicken pizza, Mediteranean Chicken described as:

House-made chicken sausage, roasted red peppers, artichokes, garlic, fresh mozzarella and feta served over baked garlic dough

It was a little on the dry side and could have perhaps used a bit more sauce but on the whole, it was surprisingly decent for a GF pie. It’s no Engfer’s but it’s certainly not anywhere near the worst GF pies I’ve had.

More importantly, it was a great evening spent with some great people who I feel very fortunate to have in my life.

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