summer jams: yes we can

I’m slightly obsessed with Marissa McClellan’s Food in Jars book, Food in Jars blog and her “In a pickle” column on Serious Eats. I’m so into it, in fact, that after her sister finished her set the other night at the Crepe Place, I gushed to her about how awesome it is.There’s something so fun about home canning and ever since my first bout a few years ago, I’ve been pretty hooked.All of the wonderful produce around here makes me feel so inspired to create lovely preserved items. I’ve been on a total kick lately.

Two weeks ago my friend Megan and I harvested cherry plums from her tree and made a big batch of plum jam. Cherry plums are basically just a small variety of plum that looks like, well, you guessed it.

Last week I made the dill pickles and lemony pickled cauliflower from the FiJ book.

I also finished making the limoncello I’d started recently using this simple recipe from Imbibe magazine.

I’m currently allowing strawberries that we picked in Davenport macerate in sugar so I can turn those babies into jam tonight.

Update: I also made Meyer lemon curd and strawberry ice cream. I was a busy beaver.

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2 Responses to summer jams: yes we can

  1. Marisa says:

    How funny! You were the second person in just a couple of days to walk up to Raina and say, “Are you Marisa’s sister?” She got such a kick out of it!

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re ever so slightly obsessed with all the canning and pickling stuff I put out there. Very fun. :)

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