gluten-free bread delivered by bicycle

Okay, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of. There’s a small business in San Francisco that’s making gluten-free bread and delivering it by bicycle. I spotted a write-up about it on a cycling blog recently.

The bread from the ladies at Bread Srsly isn’t cheap of course, but it looks delicious in the photos.

From their site:

We rotate the menu each week, featuring 2 different loaves and one delectable muffin. Think Apple Rose, Coffee Cardamom, and Orange Bergamot.

To tempt your palate, check out this week’s menu.

And because riding bikes is (almost) as thrilling as baking, we deliver the breads and muffins by bicycle for free. We bake for San Francisco dwellers every Tuesday. For Berkeley and Oakland we bake each Wednesday.

You can follow them on Twitter too. What a cool idea! I only wish someone was doing it here in Santa Cruz.

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