Better than the ice cream truck: homemade ice pops

Last summer I jumped on the ice pop band wagon and bought myself a mold to make fun, frozen treats.

Side note: I hate that Popsicle is a trademarked name like band-aid or kleenex. Ice pop just doesn’t sound nearly as good.

After moving to California last summer (holy hell, it’s been nearly a year?!) I realized I left my mold at my mom and stepfather’s house. I got a new one from Amazon that I like much better. The pops are bigger but you can also take them out individually, rather than having just one mold for all of the pops. This is very convenient.

A co-worker lent me a pop book and I’ve been trying out all sorts of different recipes. As always, some are hits and others aren’t. Hibiscus-blackberry? Yuck. Strawberry-lime? Tasty. I’m particularly enjoying making stripe-y pops like these that I made using homemade lemonade, pureed strawberries and peach juice. They remind me of a summer sunset! I didn’t wait long enough to pour the last layer so the lemonade sort of blended in with the strawberries but I like the way it looked and more importantly, how it tasted.

I don’t use Pinterest a lot, but it is a nice way to keep links to recipes I want to try saved in one place without cluttering up my bookmarks list. I made a board for frozen dessert ideas, including, of course, several pop ideas:


Source: via Jess on Pinterest

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