When life gives you lemons …

I spent much of yesterday working on recipes using the plentiful number of lemons I got from my girl Megan. The most time-consuming portion of the afternoon was making the candied lemon peel. This is a kind of a bear of a process but I’d never made it before and was very curious. I threw in some orange peel too.

This recipe was fairly straight forward, though I found that the drying time in reality was far longer than the recipe suggested. Even after leaving the pieces to dry on parchment paper overnight, these little bits were still super-sticky. Extremely sticky actually, though the few pieces BK and I popped into our mouth were very good, nonetheless. In an attempt to speed up the drying process, I stuck the trays of peel in the oven at a very low temp for about an hour before just turning off the oven and leaving it. This worked out very well.

Delightful little candied citrus wormies!

¬†While my peel pieces were simmering, I juiced the lemons I’d taken the peel from as well as several others. I decided to make a big batch of homemade lemonade using simple syrup. It turned out to be a little on the sweet side for my tastes, but I’ve been topping it off with a little seltzer and it’s delicious. I saved some of the batch and added raspberry syrup to it to make a batch of pink lemonade that I froze. My next plan for the lemons is limoncello. I’m very excited for this.

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