nonalcoholic beverages and rhurbarb syrup

I’m a woman who very much likes her wine and cocktails, but I’m starting to experiment more with non-alcoholic beverages. Apparently not everyone likes to indulge the way I do. Surprising, no? And apparently some women get pregnant and must abstain from wine. Who knew?

So anyways…I’m trying to work more on creating interesting and nonalcoholic beverages.  If the word didn’t make me cringe and remind me too much of my freshman year dorm staff’s attempts at forced bonding, I’d call them mocktails. But I’m not gonna.

Finding a serious lack of seltzer options out here in the wild west, bk and I decided a few months ago to purchase a soda water maker.  Mostly we just use it for regular ol’ sparkling water, but I’ve also been trying my hand at making various syrups to mix in with it.

I made a rangpur lime syrup using our own fruit that bk quickly demolished. I also made a rhubarb one using some frozen rhubarb I’d purchased awhile ago on sale. It came out a gorgeous color and mixes very well with seltzer (and gin.)

Riffing on that is this recipe for a rhubarb, rosemary and lemon spritzer sounds lovely, and given my love of aguas frescas, I really need to try making my own.  I also recently made a bunch of ice cubes with fruit and herbs in them, including thyme ones and others with raspberries. They’re great in seltzer but would pair well with a spirit added too.

A gift certificate to Williams Sonoma led us to pick up a bottle of Belvoir elderflower cordial, which despite it’s name, is in fact, virgin, but nonetheless, very tasty. I might have to buy another bottle.

I love red zinger iced, as is, but this recipe for a honey-sweetened hibiscus green tea “soda” sounds appealing too.

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