fried squash blossoms stuffed with garlic, herbs and goat cheese: gluten-free

I’ve looked longingly at stuffed squash blossoms on menus numerous times. The combination of creamy cheese and fried battered blossom always holds such appeal. However, until the other day, I’d never actually tried one.

I’ve had squash blossoms, of course, in tacos and other dishes but never stuffed and battered. When I spotted some lovely looking squash blossoms at the Aptos Farmers Market last weekend, I decided it was time to try to make a gluten-free version of these delicious-looking treats.

I looked at a bunch of recipes and then decided to combine several of them to make my squash blossoms.

I picked up some semisoft chevre and combined that in a bowl with some minced garlic and a handful of minced herbs — basil, oregano and thyme — from my garden. Oh, and salt and pepper too.

Very carefully, I stuffed a small amount of the cheese mixture into each blossom and gently twisted the ends of the petals to hold it shut. After I’d filled all of them, bk helped me dip each one first into a mix of sweet rice flour, cornstarch and a teaspoon of xantham gum and then into a mix of egg, milk, salt and pepper. We then dredged them each in the flour mixture for a second time.

Meanwhile, we got a low-sided pan with about an inch-deep amount of canola oil heating up on the stove. We fried each one, being careful not to crowd too many in the pan and turning them over to try to fry them as evenly as possible.

The rice flour gives them a light, tempura-like crunch too it. I was concerned I might have been a bit heavy-handed with the garlic, but once the cheese heated up and got it a little softer, it blended nicely with the tang of the chevre.

These were really good, although next time I won’t make so many. Fourteen was a bit much for just two of us. I think I’d also prefer a different type of cheese, maybe a sheep cheese such a soft manchego, if I can find one.

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