can’t eat it? then wear it

All of this cutesy miniature food jewelry I’ve been seeing lately has me kind of torn. I think some of it is just cloyingly cutesy, and should remain on the under 7 set rather than on adult women. But….some of it is also just really too adorable to resist, and part of me thinks, hey, if I can’t put gluten-containing foods in my body, I can still put them on my body!

Here’s a few items I’ve found lately:

Pepperoni pizza earrings from Etsy seller Inedible Jewelry

Coffee and donuts necklace from Etsy seller Kawalidesune

Also from this same seller: s’mores earrings

Of course, if you’re not the jewelry type, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for you.

I kind of love this zombie toast T-shirt from Threadless.

What about these Silly Yak shirts? Personally I feel no need to wear my celiac status on my sleeve – literally — and would never, ever wear one of these.

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