The WhamBamThankYouMa’am Tour: Santa Cruz and San Francisco in approximately 50 hours

So Bk’s sister and her boyfriend came to visit this past weekend. Unfortunately, it had to be a very brief visit so we were ready to try to pack in as much as we could.  And as things usually do with BK, it primarily involved eating and drinking a lot. The man knows what he likes, ya know?

Part 1: Santa Cruz shenanigans

Friday evening/night:  

BK picked Eric and Amy up from the airport in SF late Friday afternoon. He took them for a walk on Seabright Beach and then we all went over to the Seabright Brewery, where he and I both had burgers without buns and a pitcher of hard cider. He’s been eating almost completely gluten-free since Jan. 1 as a New Year’s resolution, and it really does make it a lot easier for me.

After this we brought them for a couple more drinks at our local dive bar, Brady’s Yacht Club.  This was followed by a quick stop at our awesome little bodega, Day’s Market, for a bottle of wine and some snacks. Then we went home and chilled out for a little bit before our very tired guests went to bed.


Still on east coast time, A & E woke up pretty early. I wanted to sleep in so BK took them on a whirlwind tour of Santa Cruz. They got an early-morning tour of the Boardwalk, walked the Wharf and saw some seals/sea lions, drove through downtown and drove along West Cliff, where they got to see part of a surfing competition. They also got a quickie tour of the Santa Cruz Harbor and then they stopped off at Shoppers Corner for breakfast items to serve alongside some Verve coffee. 

The weather was gray and chilly, but we made the best of it. The Memorial Day crowds led us to avoid actually visiting the Boardwalk, though I was saddened not to be able to ride the carousel.

After breakfast and showers, we headed to the Santa Cruz Westside Farmers Market, where we sampled some fruit, purchased some very tasty Rainier cherries and had a delicious raspberry agua fresca. (Okay, that last one was all me.)

Next we headed over to the Swift Street Courtyard for some wine tasting. BK and I decided to join the wine club at Bonny Doon Vineyard, which I’m very excited about. More on that to come. After trying plenty of delicious wines in their beautiful tasting room and purchasing a couple, we moved over to the tasting room at Santa Cruz Mountain Wineries. I was very excited to try their Quinta Cruz line, which features wine made in the style of Spanish and Portuguese wines, which are some of my very favorites. They even make a tempranillo, which is so cool imho. My favorite was the tempranillo reserve. Next time I really need to take notes when I go wine tasting…. I think we went to Sones next, where BK and I purchased a bottle of their red table wine, which comes in a cool refillable bottle with a picture of a hedgehog on the front.

All that wine tasting had me feeling a little buzzed and more than ready for some food to soak it up. A & E were hunkering for some good west coast Mexican, so we took them to Taqueria La Cabana for artichoke and chicharron tacos. We also introduced them to horchata, which of course, they loved because…how could you not?

Full on Mexican food, we ventured back to Swift Street for one more wine tasting at Vino Tabli and then to Kelly’s French Bakery for some treats. Mmmm macarons. We were going to also hit up the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery but it was too packed for our liking.

We wandered over to El Salchichero for some coppa to enjoy later with cheese, those cherries and more wine. Eric wanted to bring some goodies back to his coworkers, so BK and I decided we’d head to Donnelly’s World-Famous Chocolates next. Everything in that place smells amazing. E &A tasted some treats and picked out some stuff to bring home before we headed back to Shoppers Corner for some cheese and some more bottles of wine for E’s coworkers.

Home to chill out, enjoy a bit of nosh and do a little reading/napping before dinner at 515 Kitchen and Cocktails, where I enjoyed an awesome salad with lamb pancetta, curried kumquats and picked snap peas. We’d planned on getting ice cream at the Penny afterward but we were all too stuffed so we settled for just a walk around Pacific Avenue and a little window-shopping.

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