gluten-free sandwiches at Erik’s Delicafe

I hadn’t thought much about going to Erik’s Delicafe for a couple of reasons. For one, sandwich shops aren’t usually places I frequent. I’m used to finding no options for me to eat safely at most of them, with the exception of perhaps a beverage and some potato chips. And, well, most of the time there are just other places I’d rather go for lunch. Lastly and perhaps least important, frankly I find the name kind of goofy. Delicafe? Come on Erik.

However, then I heard that they offer gluten-free bread for any sandwich and they don’t charge extra for it, which is pretty amazing. Even better, they stock my favorite type of GF bread, Udi’s.

There’s a location in Scotts Valley not far from my office so one day last week, I decided to give it a whirl for lunch. As to be expected, at noon, it was packed.

Here’s where I made my mistake:

Erik’s offers a full line of pre-designed sandwiches, such as the Raging Bull and the REO Speedwagon. I should have gone with one of these, but no, of course I had to design my own.

The menu, imho, isn’t very clear about how much it costs to design your sandwich. There are several base prices listed and then you go from there, but nowhere did I see a specific list of how much each item cost.

So you can imagine my surprise when my sandwich and an iced tea wound up costing me nearly $11.  Really?

Here’s what I had: turkey, bacon, cheddar, mayo, lettuce, onion. I wanted hot pepper relish too but they didn’t have it.

My base price would have been $6.29 for the turkey, which is supposed to include red onion, sprouts and something called “Erik’s secret goo.”

I realized afterward that the prices for the other stuff were probably the ones listed under the “extra portions” heading, but at the time, that didn’t click for me. Based on that, the bacon would have added $1.49 and the cheese another 99 cents.  I’m baffled – do mayo and lettuce also cost extra?

That said, it was a really good sandwich and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my wallet can’t handle one of these very often. Guess I’ll have to stick with the pre-designed selections next time.

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