gluten-free beer from Albany, N.Y.

For the most part, I find gluten-free beer pretty disappointing. However, it thrills me to see more and more of them on the market, because that’s likely to lead to increased quality somewhere along the line.

I was very excited to find out that there’s a new craft beer company in my hometown of Albany, N.Y. called Steadfast….and they’re brewing their own GF beer. Apparently you can buy growlers of it at Oliver’s, which is pretty cool, and it’s available at a number of establishments.

In fact, it’s going to be featured along with Dogfish Head’s Tweason ale gluten-free beer at a special, upcoming gluten-free night at Troy staple, the Ruck, which will include a GF menu. How awesome is that?

And it seems to be available at an awful lot of places in the 518, little by little, which is pretty damn exciting. I am looking forward to trying it when I’m visiting home in July.

Actually, I have just attempted to order some online. I have no idea if they will ship it all the way out here, but hey, girl’s gotta try, right?

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