the pains of being a celiac

The worst thing for me about having celiac disease isn’t the inability to eat pizza or drink beer. It used to be one of the worst things, but after nearly a decade of eating gluten-free, I’m more or less resigned to it. I’ve come to terms with it, for the most part. And yes, the frustration of going somewhere and realizing you have no options for foodstuffs is also incredibly aggravating. So’s taking the time to carefully explain your needs to a well-meaning wait person, family member or friend and then still being served something with bread crumbs tossed on top.

Yes, these are all bad. But I think my biggest pet peeve is when I get horribly sick to my stomach and try as I might, I just cannot figure out what has caused it. Sometimes I’ll have only eaten food cooked from scratch at my own home for the past several days and I’ll still find myself suffering the telltale signs of glutening. It’s maddening.

I’ve been feeling pretty gross the last few days for inexplicable reasons so I’m trying to eat as simply and healthy as I can this week. This includes lot of brown rice and lacto-fermented foods, as well as fresh greens. Really, it’s not much different than my normal diet, but I’m trying to cut back on the spicy foods, even fewer animal fats and well, less of anything that I think might cause my stomach further distress.

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