Sunday routine: Taqueria La Cabana on Santa Cruz’ westside

Though there are a lot of foodie things I miss living here in a little surfing city, such as Ethiopian food and pho joints a-plenty, we are blessed with a wealth of taquerias. Like all things, some are better than others, of course. BK and I have been working on trying them all out but sometimes it’s hard to switch it up once you’ve found a good thing. And Taqueria La Cabana is definitely a good thing.

I think this was actually the first taqueria we went to in Santa Cruz, and surprisingly, it’s remained one of our favorites throughout the past seven months.
Two words: chicharrones taco
Two more words: artichoke quesadilla 
The carnitas, carne asada and other taqueria favorites are decent at La Cabana, but I wouldn’t say they’re fabulous. What you want to get at La Cabana is the chicharrones taco, which I’ve yet to find on the menu at any other local joint. It’s best when its nice and crispy, but even when those porky little bits are a little less than super-crispy, they are still quite delicious. 
The other area where I feel like La Cabana really stands out is in its selection of vegetarian tacos. A lot of places only seem to have one or two veggie options, and usually at least one of them is beans. Here the selection includes spinach, mushroom, artichokes or nopales (cactus.) These veggies are all super delicious in tacos, but when I’m feeling more indulgent, I order a corn quesadilla, typically with artichokes. This simple combination of ooey-gooey melted cheese and tangy artichokes, topped with a small dollop of sour cream and a little salsa, is one of my favorite treats. And at under $3, it’s a very affordable one. 
BK was recently training for a half-marathon, so for several weeks, we had a Sunday routine that involved me picking him up at the end of his run on West Cliff Drive and driving over to Taqueria La Cabana for lunch. I’m all for variety, but sometimes there’s something to be said in praise of routines, especially when they involve crispy, fried pork. 
I wish that they had a salsa bar like most of the other taquerias, but hey, I take what I can. 
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