Ramp it up

Being in a place without a real winter has made it difficult for me to feel a sense of seasonal changes. One thing I’ve always looked forward to at the end of winter is the emergence of spring vegetables. This includes one of my favorite members of the allium family,  ramps. I don’t know when ramp season starts here in Santa Cruz. I haven’t seen them in the markets yet but I’m waiting patiently. Meanwhile, I’m bookmarking recipes using ramps. Clearly I’m not alone in my ramp reverence (much to the chagrin of those tired of this so-called ramp-age.)

 Yum! Can’t wait to find some ramps.

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  1. Don’t hold on to upstate NY seasonal markers in Northern California. To me spring out west is all about fresh morels and asparagus. Two great tastes that taste great together. It takes a while to get the feel of the “seasons” but the arrival and abundance of local produce will help you keep track.

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