Farmhouse Culture’s kraut: lacto-fermented goodness from Santa Cruz

As I’ve mentioned a dozen times on here, I really love sauerkraut. While living in Albany, my favorite was the array of krauts created by the aptly-nicknamed Sauerkraut Seth of Hawthorne Valley Farm. Sadly, I can’t get that here. Fortunately, there is Farmhouse Culture’s kraut.

I love the Farmhouse Culture line. My favorite is the dill garlic variety, which is only available sometimes, and includes small pieces of pickle. It’s so good. I love sampling the various krauts at their farmers’ market stands around the area. What I also really love are the $1 shots of kraut juice. Delicious!!

For those blessed with the ability to eat gluten, go for one of the sauerkraut-filled pretzel rolls. I hear they are delicious with mustard.

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