36 gluten-free hours in San Francisco: Frjtz in the Mission

I’ve been feeling in serious need of a break lately. It’s a combination of things – work stress, homesickness and just an overall sense of emotional malaise. Life just hasn’t been fitting quite right, like a loose sock or a pair of too-tight pants. Most of my attempts at stress relief haven’t seemed to work very well, including, but not limited to a trip to the spa and a trip to a shooting range. (Yes, really. It was a friend’s birthday. She’s from Utah. I don’t think I liked it.)

What I really needed was a day off and a chance to get out of dodge. BK booked us a night in a hotel in San Francisco and off we went on Sunday morning, pooch in tow. (Note: Bringing Ruby Tuesday wasn’t an ideal situation but it was a last-minute trip and I hadn’t booked a boarder.)

These were some of the biggest fries I’d ever seen. 

We spent much of the afternoon exploring the Mission District, which I think is my favorite part of SF. Originally I wanted to go to Pica Pica Maize Kitchen, a gluten-free Latin American joint specializing in corn empanadas and arepas. Sadly, they do not have al fresco seating so I’ll have to back. Instead, we would up across the street at Frjtz, a place specializing in mussels, frites and Belgian waffles. Seeing as moules frites is pretty much my favorite dish, I was hardly disappointed. BK and I shared a large portion of thick frites with two dipping sauces — bacon mayo and white truffle artichoke ketchup, both of which were delicious. We also split an order of mussels, which was wise because it was a huge portion. We opted for the one with curry, ginger, scallions, garlic and cream. Delicious and very affordable at $12 for the mussels.

I was stuffed after this, but managed to walk around for some window shopping and people-watching.

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  1. Melisande says:

    one of my mine and eric’s favorite things to do is take day or weekend trips up to the city and try new restaurants and recharge and relax. we like going to chez papa in mint plaza (near union square) and trying little hole in the wall french places.
    got your comment about the potluck, so sweet of you to think of us! i’ll e-mail you our adress for the invite! thanks girl!

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