36 gluten-free hours in San Francisco: drinks at the View and a dog-friendly bar

I have a weird fascination with hotel bars. They’re typically overpriced, over-decorated and just, well, over over. But… there’s also something I can’t help but like about them. Drinking a cocktail at a hotel bar makes me feel like I’m in an old movie, where the men wear fedoras and the women are all dressed nattily. Of course, that’s almost never the reality in our modern-day Holiday Inns, Marriots, and the like.

However, BK and I wanted to find a rooftop bar to have fancy cocktails at and enjoy the view. He did a little sleuthing on the all-knowing Yelp, and boom, he found the View. ¬†Okay, yes, it’s in the Marriott in Union Square, and yes, it does share a name with a talk show I completely detest, but…the view is indeed spectacular. The cityscape with the mountains in the backdrop is totally worth the extra few bucks you’ll pay here for a cocktail. And well, I gotta say, that was one of the best extra-dirty martinis I’ve had in a while. Very well-executed and balanced.

Also fun: the dog-friendly neighborhood bar in Bernal Heights that we went to that night. Low-key, free popcorn and board games are on the menu at Stray Bar. And Wyder’s pear cider on draft.

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