Gluten-free cupcakes at Santa Cruz’ Buttercup Cakes

I’ve never jumped on the cupcake band wagon, and even if I weren’t gluten-free, I still don’t think I’d be down with it. It’s just a little too, I don’t know, precious.

Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t try gluten-free cupcakes when they’re available at a place. You know, in the interest of science.

Buttercup Cakes opened a few months ago in Santa Cruz but I didn’t try it until rather recently. And while I’m still not totally sold on cupcakes in general, I’ve gotta say, Buttercup Cakes kind of brings it.

Their specialty is the so-called “farmhouse frosting,” a delicious buttercream frosting base that’s not cloying sweet, although it is very rich. Fortunately, it was tempered with a gluten-free spice cupcake that was more like a sweet muffin than a cake. It’s that quality that would make me give it another shot for sure.

Varieties change on a regular basis, and include vegan and GF options in addition to the regular c-cakes. These babies aren’t cheap, at about $3.50-4 a pop, so it’s not something you’d make a habit of, but I’d definitely be giving it another whirl.

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