Gefen’s kosher gluten-free coffee cake for Passover

I always get excited when the kosher for Passover products show up in the grocery store, because there are almost always a bunch of gluten-free products as well. I love the tins of macaroons, for instance.

This year I’ve noticed several GF kosher mixes from Gefen on the shelves. There was a sale on the coffee cake mix recently so I decided to give it a shot.

I was a bit worried about the consistency of the batter. It was very, very runny. The box called for baking the cake for 45 minutes, but at 50 minutes in, the cake still didn’t seem to be fully cooked. I finally took it out a few minutes later when the outer layer threatened to become overdone, though the inside remained slightly underdone. Regardless, I decided to eat it anyway. I don’t recommend it.

 The texture was oddly gummy, and not particularly pleasant. Flavor-wise, I would have kept eating this, but the texture was just too off-putting. It was the kind of bad where I kept eating pieces of it until I forced myself to throw the whole thing out. What a disappointment.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    I bought four cans of Gefen macaroons and want to know how long is the shelf life. I put them in the fridge unopened.

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