Dessert: possibly the best gluten-free brownie I’ve ever had

Brownies seem to be one of the few normally gluten-filled items that lend themselves very well to gluten-free adaptations. I’ve had a surprisingly number of GF brownies that were actually good enough to stand up to their non-GF counterparts.

But….I’m willing to make a big declaration here. I may have found the best of the best.

Wacky walnut gluten-free brownie, I salute your fudgy awesomeness. And thank you to Frankly Natural Bakers for bringing us this beast of a brownie.

Don’t make the same mistake I did though. This wacky walnut brownie should not be consumed as one serving or your stomach will not be happy.

For more on FNB’s products or where to find them, go here. 

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