A gluten-free reuben at Morty’s Deli in San Francisco

Earlier this week I got to take a little field trip to the California State Supreme Court in San Francisco for work. SF is one of my very favorite cities, so any chance to go there is very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood where the court is located, Civic Center/Tenderloin, isn’t exactly one of the city’s best. It’s got a reputation for being crime-ridden but at noon on a Tuesday, it wasn’t potential crime that had me bemoaning the ‘hood. Civic Center/Tenderloin seems to be strangely devoid of restaurants and coffee shops. My trusty Yelp app gave me a few ideas, but with limited time, my options didn’t look so great… until I stumbled upon reviews of Morty’s Delicatessen and headed over there. I love a good NYC-style deli, and I got even more excited when I discovered they have gluten-free bread. Described as “east coast soul -west coast style” this unassuming little deli perfectly fit the bill.

I was able to get a reuben (my most favorite sandwich) with pastrami, not corned beef, ¬†on Udi’s gluten-free bread. Delicious, as was the Fresh Ginger -Pomegranate-Hibiscus ginger ale I had with it. This was extremely exciting for me. I can’t wait for the next time I have to go to the Supreme Court.

Morty’s is located right near one of the prettiest post offices I’ve ever seen. It’s covered with a lovely mural of flowers and hummingbirds. I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics.

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