Post-holiday briefing: Left coast Christmas

I feel like I still haven’t totally recovered from the holidays, or more accurately, the holidaze. I was so busy with work up until the 24th that I pretty much failed this Christmas season. My decorated rosemary “tree” dried out rather quickly and began dropping needles (like they were hot) almost immediately.

Ooops. This year, there was no homemade wrapping paper, no painstakingly hand-lettered cards….and not nearly as many homemade gifts as I was hoping for. I did, however, make a lot of DIY spice and salt blends that I packaged in cute little tins , sets of notecards printed with photos BK and I took on our cross-country drive and of course, my famous bottle cap magnets. I would have liked to have made bottles of homemade kahlua and infused liquors, amongst other items, but in addition to being strapped for time, I didn’t go home for the holidays this year. Sending liquids via USPS still seems a bit risky to me. I managed to pad my homemade items with some lovely things from our local shops, including a bunch of lavender sachet dryer bags from the Homeless Garden Project. 

I spent Christmas Eve running around, finishing up last minute errands. BK and I bought some delicious sausage and charcuterie from El Salchichero for our dinner, along with some macarons from Kelly’s French Bakery.  Our landlords are pretty much the nicest people in the world and had sent us a $50 gift card to Trader Joe’s, so we went and stocked up on wine and goodies there too. I’m a dissenting voice when it comes to TJ’s, but I certainly wasn’t going to turn my nose up at a gift card. It was warm enough that we were also able to indulge in some cocktails on the patio at one of our favorite places, 515 Kitchen and Cocktails.

Christmas morning started out with mimosas and bagels. BK’s parents sent us a package of goodies from Zabar’s, including Nova Scotia lox, NYC bagels, mustard, pastrami, cream cheese, rugelach, and some other things I’m now forgetting. I picked up some Udi’s GF bagels for myself, along with red onion, tomato and capers. Yum! We also watched my holiday favorite, “A Christmas Story.”

Later, after breakfast and a good walk on the beach, we set out for Jewish Christmas – aka movies and Chinese food. The movie — “Young Adult” — wasn’t quite up to my expectations, but the theater — the Del-Mar– couldn’t be beat. And the Chinese food ended up being Indian food because our first choice – O’mei - was closed and the other places we checked were packed to the gills. So Royal Taj it was. The food was good but I’m hesitant to recommend it to other gluten-avoiders because I woke up feeling pretty gross the next day. I’m still unsure what caused it, but I definitely need to be more careful and scrutinize the menu more next time. We came home after dinner and lit the menorah. All in all, it was a pretty damned good day. I love the traditions of Jewish Christmas!

The next day we picked up my mother and one of my brothers at the airport.

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2 Responses to Post-holiday briefing: Left coast Christmas

  1. MsGarlic says:

    What did you think about Young Adult? I thought it was funny.

  2. jess says:

    I didn’t dislike it, it’s just that I expected to like it more. I’ve enjoyed all of the movies Jason Reitman has done previously, and I just felt like this one was missing a little something. Although I realize it wasn’t really what the director was going for, I still felt like I wanted a little bit more background on the character.

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