colleges and gluten-free foods

This is cool. It’s a list of a the top 14 colleges that cater to gluten-free diets.¬†¬†Sadly, neither of my alma maters make the list.

I was pretty impressed when I was in graduate school last year and checked out the campus center’s food offerings. I never stepped foot in the dining hall, but on days when I had to kill a little time between classes, I was thrilled to find several gluten-free products in one of the campus eateries. Being able to find something like an Amy’s frozen entree was a surprise to me, given what I experienced as an undergrad. While obviously most schools still have a long way to go, it definitely seems like things have improved a lot since I was in college the first time.

I first started getting really sick when I was a junior in college. My options were pretty limited. Until I moved off campus, I pretty much lived off yogurt, salads and plain rice. I haven’t tried eating at SUNY New Paltz since graduation, but my instincts tell me it’s probably a lot easier to be gluten-free there now.

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  1. OLIVIA says:

    Yes! My cousin is at Georgetown and she told me the gluten-free room is LOCKED and celiac students get a KEY. Here at Iowa, I’ve had a few sandwiches in our student union, and the workers were very careful about cross-contamination with the dense crumbly bread.

  2. Laurie says:

    That’s really cool. My only dietary limitation in college was not eating much meat, and that made me miserable: I ended up living on pasta most of the time and moved into a vegetarian co-op sophomore year.

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