Thanksgiving 2011: Good times on the West Coast

 I’m a bit of a funk so I’m going to do a quick post about Thanksgiving to cheer myself up. I was initially a bit sad that we wouldn’t be spending the holiday with our families back east, but it turned out to be one of the best T-days in recent memory. (Sorry mom.) We still don’t really know many people here and I tried to finagle an invite somewhere, but it was a no go, so bk decided we’d forgo the turkey and do something different. I signed us up to help with prep at a local food pantry in nearby Watsonville called Pajaro Loaves and Fishes. We got stuck with an early shift, which I initially wasn’t thrilled with, but I’m really, really happy we did it. Watsonville is a predominantly Mexican city, so it was cool for me to be working in the kitchen alongside older abuela-types as they roasted chiles and tomatoes. We live in an area flush with farms, which donated much of the produce we used. Many of the other items donated were also organic, which is fun to see. It’s so typical California.

I was tasked with washing, drying and chopping head after head of local organic lettuce for salads, while bk masterfully mashed giant vats of potatoes by hand. After two hours of helping with prep work, we went home to take Ruby Tuesday on a nice walk by the beach.
 I’m really obsessed with succulents lately. I have some of these in pots and can’t wait for them to get huge.

 Then we relaxed with mimosas and coffee, and in my case, newspapers. I always love the bigger Thanksgiving editions.

 During a last-minute grocery store run to get more wine and a few other items, I insisted on dragging some pine boughs into the car. BK laughed, but don’t they look nice? While the food cooked, we watched “Rushmore,” which is one of those movies that I always seem to forget is really good.

I made a salad using our homegrown microgreens and some pomegranate arils along with a little bit of locally-grown organic mesclun mix. These salads came Buddha-approved.

And for the creme de la creme, here’s a shot of our full meal taken by Mr. BK himself. 

Here we have roasted beets, mashed parsnips with garlic, and roasted cornish hens done two ways – one unstuffed and one done with a quick GF stuffing I made using some broth, spices and GF bread. Oh and the obligatory cranberry sauce. I think everything — including the beer and wine — was local except for the cranberry sauce and the bread. I love that living in California makes it easy.

Later we had dessert: Pajama pants and a pint of Double Rainbow pumpkin ice cream shared on the couch, traded back and forth, with Ruby in between us.

Okay, so it was hardly a traditional Thanksgiving in any sense, but it definitely was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

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