Verve comes to Santa Cruz’ Seabright neighborhood

BK and I were very excited when we heard Verve Coffee Roasters was opening a new joint right in our neighborhood. We already had a cafe by us, but to be frank, we were very underwhelmed by it. We’d heard very good things about Verve so the prospect of it being in such close proximity was very exciting. In 2009, GQ declared it among the top 10 coffee spots in the US, and considering that list features the likes of Blue Bottle, Stumptown and my two Chicago faves, Metropolis and Intelligentsia, that puts it in pretty good company.
We had high expectations and I’m thrilled to report that Verve has met them all. First off, I’m totally in love with the aesthetic. The new joint –which is also where they’ve moved their roasting operations to — is in an old warehouse so it has that very post-industrial look I’ve come to love. I also love the planters full of succulents they have outside. You see this type of landscaping all over Santa Cruz but I never stop digging it.

More importantly, the coffee is legit. BK has very high standards for cappucino and has quickly declared the one at Verve to be the best he’s ever had. This declaration has held true after several visits too – no one-hit wonder here!

Everyone who works here has been very cool and nice, and I like how they even have their own hand-stamped cups. Is it cheap? No way jose, but hey, that’s what you expect for high quality….and considering this place is just a few blocks from our apartment, well, let’s just say I’m definitely crushing hard on Verve.

And for those on the east coast, Verve coffee can be had at a place in Long Island City. Or you can get your fix through a newish venture called GoCoffeeGo.

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2 Responses to Verve comes to Santa Cruz’ Seabright neighborhood

  1. Melisande says:

    i love verve! i heard they are opening a new one on pacific avenue too! i’m happy that they are doing so well!

  2. Daniel B. says:

    I can walk to my choice of two different Starbucks. One of them is actually getting a Clover machine. They may already have it. But since it’s the one I’ve come to hate, I haven’t been in to check.

    Truly, I’m very happy for you and BK. Why you didn’t take me with you remains a mystery.

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