Snacks: gluten-free soft pretzels from Kim & Scott

 I really missed soft pretzels. There’s just something about a hot, soft pretzel from a cart in Manhattan, eaten while walking with plenty of spicy mustard. It’s going to be a long time before I can completely recreate this experience, but when I spotted Kim and Scott’s gluten-free soft pretzels, I had to give ‘em a whirl.

 I was pleasantly surprised to find they actually are pretty good. The salt wouldn’t stick as nicely as I’d wanted, and they still had a bit of that slightly gummy texture that GF products unfortunately often have, but overall, not bad. I feel like this is generally my opinion on most gluten-free products these days: they aren’t exactly wonderful but they’re decent, at the very least. This is a huge improvement upon the GF items that were available when I first found out I had celiac. I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to no longer feel forced to make do with hermetically-sealed packages of styrofoam-like bread that comes with it’s own silica gel packet and trays of dense, poo-colored brownies that weigh almost a pound and come with an $8-9 price tag. Hallelujah! I am thrilled those days are behind me.

And now we have GF pizzas, cupcakes, ravioli and so much more, like soft pretzels!!!  Unfortunately, at nearly $6 a box for just two pretzels, they probably aren’t a snack I’ll be indulging in too often. Still, I’m glad that should the urge emerge, Kim and Scott have got me covered.

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