naturally gluten-free holiday cookie recipes from Saveur

I make no secret of my love for Saveur, especially since Gourmet went more or less defunct. Saveur truly is like food porn. I drool over the photos whenever I get my hot little hands on a copy.

Photo by Todd Coleman for Saveur

I was thrilled to see two recipes for holiday cookies that just so happen to be naturally gluten-free because they are made with nut flours.

BK loves pignoli cookies but I didn’t realize they were made with almond flour until we were in Italy last summer. I want to try this recipe out soon.

I’m also admiring these “Baci di Dama” cookies, which are made with hazelnut flour. I bought a cake mix made with hazelnut flour at Eataly in Genoa and the cake turned out amazingly. It was sweet and nutty without being at all overly sweet. I made it for my mom’s birthday and it went perfectly with some good vanilla gelato. If these cookies are anything like that cake, I’m sure they’re wonderful. I just wish nuts and nut flours weren’t so expensive….

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  1. Melisande says:

    hey girl, just saw your comment on my blog. you should really look into volunteering at the shelter, it’s such an awesome place. you’ll totally fall in love with all the animals there!

  2. Melisande says:

    follow up comment….those succulents ARE from DIG! i finally stopped by the other day because i always want to go in. i loved it! i love love love succulents so i was in heaven! thanks for letting me know about those dinners too, i’ll definitely look into them!

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