workplace snacks: Amy’s gluten-free burritos

Frozen burritos are something I hadn’t had in a long, long time. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’d had them until recently. I’m guessing it was as a college kid snack at 2 a.m. when I’d already consumed a  40 ouncer of Olde English malt liquor – before the days of being gluten-free, of course.

BK is known to enjoy a frozen burrito here and there, so when I saw that he’d inadvertently grabbed an Amy’s GF burrito by mistake, I called dibs. Since then, I’ve had a total of three – two cooked in microwaves and one in the oven. Honestly, I’m not totally sold on frozen, packaged burritos. I’d much rather make my own tacos, enchiladas or tamales and freeze those. But in a pinch? These aren’t so bad. They’re a little on the blander side — hot sauce is a must — but I’m so happy that the GF burrito wrap doesn’t fall apart, at all. That’s totally impressive. The fillings though, could use a little more oomph. Some jalapenos perhaps? Black beans? Tomato?

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