wine-tasting in Los Gatos

When BK’s mother and grandmother visited us recently, one of the things his mother told us she wanted to do was go wine-tasting. We hadn’t even done that ourselves yet, so we’re definitely down.

First, however, we needed some food in our bellies to soak up all that wine. We decided to take them to the Los Gatos farmers market. We had some delicious samples and got brunch/lunch from the Oaxacan food stand there. This place is off the hook. It’s so delicious and it’s all gluten-free, with much of it also organic and vegan. I had an awesome tamale.

Then it was on to the wine! Our first stop was the Fleming Jenkins Winery’s tasting room in Los Gatos. This winery is actually owned by Olympic figure skater Peggy Fleming, so there’s some skating memorabilia decorating the place. For some reason, I thought this was really cool. Alas, the winery is being sold off because Fleming and her husband want to retire from the biz.

Next we headed to Big Basin Vineyard’s┬átasting room in nearby Saratoga, CA. We got there and realized it was conveniently located next door to another winery, Cinnabar. We decided to save the best for last and hit up Cinnabar first. None of the wines there really amazed me, but they certainly weren’t bad.

None of them could compete with the wines we tried at Big Basin though. I definitely would go back there.

After all that wine, we were feeling pretty beat so we went back home to rest, clean up before dinner and have a little snack. Okay, and some more wine.

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