Snacks: In which I discover the Whirley Pop from Wabash Valley Farms

My buddy Daniel B. was talking about microwave popcorn recently.
I love love love popcorn. I don’t have a microwave now though, and I think microwave popcorn is pretty gross. For awhile, when the apartment I lived in came with a microwave, I was using the bag technique. Before that — and after — I’d always used a pot and some oil.

But when BK and I moved in to our current place, he suggested that the pot-and-oil method was too cumbersome. I started researching air poppers but he was intent upon getting the Whirley-Pop.  I normally try to avoid owning many single-use appliances/devices, (except for my rice cooker,) but I went along with him.

Well color me impressed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Whirley Pop. It’s easy to use, the popcorn tastes great and when I use it, I can sing a little song that goes “Whirley Pop, Whirley Pop, oooh ooh Whirley Pop” to the tune of the “Lollipop” song made famous by the Chordettes.  I think a catchy theme song is important when it comes to my kitchen gadgetry.

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2 Responses to Snacks: In which I discover the Whirley Pop from Wabash Valley Farms

  1. Daniel B. says:

    I really don’t know what is cumbersome about a pot and oil. I’m not saying that to be dense. Oil on the bottom. Three kernels in the pot. Lid on. Medium high heat. After the sound of three pops open the lid and dump in a mess of kernels. Pop. Shake. Pop. Pops stop. Take off lid. Toss with butter, salt, and self satisfaction.

  2. jess says:

    I agree! I think it’s more the cleaning issue or something. Or the propensity for burning. I dk. I’ve learned that one of the tricks to maintaining a good relationship is that sometimes, you just have to go along with the other person and sequester your protests. Don’t get me started on the teakettle vs electric kettle debate.

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