lunch: pizza from Simply Shari’s Gluten-free and Fabulous

The pesto margherita frozen pizza from Simply Shari’s “Gluten-Free and Fabulous” line was on sale recently so I decided to give one a shot. I am not usually a fan of most gluten-free pizzas available in the freezer section. I’d much prefer making my own. For a long time I remember only being able to find the Amy’s brand in grocery stores. Amy makes a gluten-free frozen mac and cheese that I adore, but the GF pizza was not very good the last time I tried it. It was dried out and lacking in flavor.

So I was a bit hesitant to try Shari’s, but I took the plunge and was pleasantly surprised. This isn’t a typical red sauce pizza, which is beneficial in this case. The pesto and plenitude of vegetables kind of kept me from comparing it to “regular” pizza in my mind. Instead, I was able to enjoy it as a tasty lunch of crust, veggies and cheese. I liked that it was extra garlicky. Like most gf-pizzas, it’s definitely a thin crust but it’s definitely not as dried-out or overly crispy as many of the ones I’ve tried previously. Well done Simply Shari’s!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    BEST Gluten Free pizza ever!!!! Would never know it was GF. Worth every penny! LOVE this pizza!!!

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