West Coast September Birthday #2: Farmers Market, Redwoods and LaPosta

I had taken yesterday off in honor of my birthday and my father’s 50th, and I’m incredibly glad I did.
It’d been awhile since I walked around downtown on a weekday, so bk and I went and did a little browsing and window-shopping.

After that, I wanted to go check out the downtown farmers market. There are several farmers markets around here, but the one on Wednesdays is the biggest. I’m usually unable to go because of my work schedule, so I was very excited to go yesterday.

After going home to eat fresh tomato sandwiches for lunch, we took my father and his girlfriend to Henry Cowell State Park to go see some of the amazing coastal redwoods. It just blows my mind how big these trees really are. It’s literally breath-taking.

Then it was home to clean off the redwood dust from my legs and make myself presentable for dinner at LaPosta. BK and I’ve been wanting to go to this little northern Italian restaurant down the street from us for awhile now, but seeing as we are trying to be frugal these days, we waited for a special occasion. A double birthday seemed to fit the bill. Like so many places around here,  it uses many local ingredients and many items are sourced. They also have chickens in the backyard, so the eggs they use are about as fresh and local as you can get.

We started with the warm, house-marinated olives and a platter of the house-cured meats, which included speck, prosciutto, cotta ham, pepperoni and a small dish of chicken hearts/giblets. All were delicious, especially the speck. We also ordered a bottle of the house red – an Umani Ronchi 2009 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – and a carafe of the house-made sparkling water.


My dad and Amy both opted for dishes that involved pasta, so I didn’t get to try those, but I was told they were both very good. BK got the Berkshire pork belly served with a warm lentil salad, basil and hazelnuts. Delicious! I had the local halibut, which was cooked perfectly, served over spinach with Chiogga beets and sunchokes, along with bagna cauda. We also had a side of the fingerling potatoes and Padron peppers with Big Sure sea salt.

Salumi mista!

Everything was so delicious that even though we were basically stuffed, we opted for dessert. BK and I shared the flourless chocolate and espresso torte served with a sour cherry compote and yogurt sorbetto, and the fig leaf panna cotta with raspberries, pistachios and saba (a syrup made from grape must.)

Dinner at La Posta last night was one of those rare occurrences where nothing was bad or disliked. Everything we had was incredibly good. How often does that happen? It definitely makes for the perfect birthday dinner.

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