New find: reusable snack bags from Munchkin

I bring my own lunch/dinner to work almost every single day. It’s healthier for me, and easier than trying to find something quick and gluten-free. It also saves money and I’m definitely living la vida frugal these days. And besides, it’s fun using my Light My Fire sporks.

I’m also making even more of an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. I’ve always tried to limit the amount of waste I produce and switch to as many reusable items as possible, but now I’m trying even harder. I admit it’s partially a product of living in northern California. For some reason, it seems easier to be more environmentally-friendly here than in many other places, in part because it’s such a commonplace occurrence. I think there’s almost sort of an unspoken, underlying peer pressure to it.

I was looking for some sort of reusable snack bag to bring things like pretzel sticks to work because they take up less room than containers and I don’t have to worry about things like BPA as much. A lot of the ones I looked at were pretty expensive, until I stumbled upon these cute little bags from Munchkin on Amazon, three bags for about $7. They’re geared toward babies/small children but the colors and designs are definitely adult-friendly. No silly pink teddy bears or ducks here!

These are machine-washable too, which is definitely a plus.

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