homemade fun: horseradish vodka

I decided to make my own horseradish-infused vodka the other day. Supposedly there’s this Eastern European custom of doing shots of horseradish vodka followed by pickle juice chasers. I’ve tried something similar before, and it’s delicious.

I bought this large horseradish root for about $2 at Whole Food the other day. I filled a bottle with Polish vodka, and then peeled the root and julienned it. I put most of the horseradish in the bottle of liquor, and then put it in one of our cabinets to let it infuse/steep for awhile.

I used the leftover horseradish to make some prepared horseradish to keep in the fridge. We don’t have a food processor but the immersion blender I bought BK for his birthday last year came with a chopper attachment. I modified the recipe I found, mainly because I only had a little bit of horseradish left. Also, I ran out of apple cider vinegar and had to use a little white vinegar in the mix. Yum. I’m thinking this will be great mixed with a little mayo or mustard on sandwiches….or to make our own cocktail sauce.

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2 Responses to homemade fun: horseradish vodka

  1. Mr. Dave says:


    I know that BK was here for the unveiling of the above, and it was kind of nasty. Mayhaps it was because I didn’t peele the H.radish, I don’t know. Tasted weird, like you should have dipped shrimp in it or something…

    Here is where I got the idea-


  2. jess says:

    Hmm. I’ve made something similar before and I liked it. I was thinking this might be good in Bloody Marys.

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