Home: Spice jars redux, courtesy of Specialty Bottle

Work plus a cold of some description has me pretty zonked this week. As much as I love being able to do what I love for a living, sometimes it bothers me that I’m left with little energy for writing for me. After writing all day, it’s hard to will myself to get back on the computer once I’m home.

However, I wanted to share my newly organized spice collection. It’s the little things that make us happy, right? When bk and I merged our respective spice collections, we ended up with a mass amount of stuff, all packaged in different containers. And that’s after we both culled our collections before we each packed up our individual belongings. I’m a mismatched kind of person, in general. I like polka dots and stripes, I like pairing plates of different patterns and in general, I’m not much for proper color coordination. Wear brown with black? Yes I do! But for some reason or another, I wanted our spices to have some sort of uniformity to them.

Spice jars at kitchen supply stores and their ilk were a little pricey for the amount I needed so I decided to look for bulk supplies. Originally I wanted to go with SKS Bottle because they are near my hometown, but the shipping costs were a bit more than I was willing to spend, given my current location. Fortunately, I found Specialty Bottle here on the west coast, in Seattle. Forty of these cute little 4 oz. square tin containers with clear-view tops set me back about $25, and after re-packaging all of our existing spices, I still have extras to spare for various projects. I also ordered some bottles and jars to use for various projects I’ve been thinking about.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how happy it makes me to look at our spice drawer now, with all of our little matching tins all in rows.

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